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From fire to ashes

“This evocative painting captures the powerful journey from fiery intensity to tranquil stillness, embodying the metamorphosis of flames into delicate ashes. The reminder of power and resilience that rises from ashes.”

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Canvas 103,5 x 88 cm 

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Koi fish

“This abstract painting exudes the graceful movement and vibrant energy reminiscent of koi fish gliding through tranquil waters. The bold, flowing brushstrokes create a sense of fluidity and motion, while the interplay of colors—subtle blues transitioning into fiery oranges and golden yellows—conjures the iridescent scales of these elegant creatures. The painting as a whole become a metaphorical representation of duality—a vivid reminder that life is a continuous interplay of contrasts, and that within the flow of experiences, there exists a harmonious union of opposing forces. Just as the koi fish navigate their watery world, so too does the canvas serve as a metaphor for the human journey, with all its complexities and beauty."

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Canvas 100,5 x 78 cm

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Live Ember

''This painting captures the essence of live embers in a mesmerizing dance of color and light. The rich, fiery red tones dominate the canvas, resembling the warm and glowing embers of a crackling fire. These ember-like shapes seem to flicker and sway with an inner energy, as if they hold secrets of the universe within.


Contrasting against this fiery display is the deep, velvety navy background that envelops the composition. This dark expanse adds a sense of infinite depth to the artwork, creating an almost cosmic atmosphere.''

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Canvas 100x100 cm 


幽玄 – Yūgen

''This painting encapsulates the concept of Yūgen features a vibrant and dynamic composition with a sense of depth and mystery. The colors used are bold and vivid, drawing attention while also conveying a sense of profound subtlety. Swirling patterns and intricate brushwork creates an enigmatic atmosphere, inviting contemplation and introspection.


Yūgen, a Japanese aesthetic concept, emphasizes the idea of profound beauty that is beyond what can be easily expressed or understood. This painting evokes a sense of wonder and evokes emotions that are both intense and elusive, embodying the essence of Yūgen.''

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Canvas 103 x 88 cm

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